Friday, July 8, 2016

Welcome to the USSA or the Week of Grieving

During the week of celebration for our Freedoms & throwing off the shackles of Tyranny oh so many years ago.... it has become a week of grieving for me.

It has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are the newest 3rd world nation/Banana republic... welcome to the USSA.

Over the most holiest of holidays for America, the FBI negotiated some sort of deal with a criminal.  A criminal that not only fleeced, thereby enriching themselves by hundreds of millions of dollars, off the backs of every taxpayer in America but also one that has gotten people murdered... Benghazi anyone?  Not to mention Somalia, Balkans, New York, as well as many other godforsaken locations.

Then on the day after the holiest of holidays the FBI announces they found criminal activity yet recommend not prosecuting.  Effectively telling us the Elites are above the Law.  As someone said, the Law is for little people.

Then the New York Times & Vanity Fair and other Liberal publications began publishing 'investigative' articles glamorizing prostitution.  But not just any kind of prostitution but that of spoiled, shitforbrains college students/graduates who couldn't afford Armani purses.

These type of articles are more recruitment tools than investigative.  Its how the Left begins to normalize whatever it is they want to have normalized.  In this case, apparently, the Elites need more of our children for sex therefore the start of normalizing prostitution, effectively enticing innocents into their predatory, sexual web to satisfy their sickness. 

Soon women (and men) can negotiate their bodies for whatever they desire.  Purses, dresses, cars, rent, food.  HEY! This will be the fun, new way to get a raise at work, get out of a speeding ticket, entrance to Disney World… the possibilities are exciting & boundless!  Sex is true freedom!  Not.

And to end this sickening week that has filled our nostrils with the stench of social utopia, we are greeted with the icing on the cake, the final and most pure of Leftists gifts, murder of good people.

Further compounded by our Dickhead-In-Chief politicizing their deaths.  

This is not about violence nor guns... its about the people who create Racial
tension in order to 'Change' America. Just like we have to name Islamic terrorism when it happens, we need to name the Democrats for their decades of teaching racial tension... we are witnessing the fruits of their labors.  Until we can name those that are at fault we will continue to run around in circles & die.  

Btw- an election cannot/will not fix this. We need Constitutional Evangelists (something I had hoped that the Tea Party would be rather than schill's for the Republican party).

Side note ---

Riddle me this... every article I've googled on police shootings (mostly Liberal) state that 136 Blacks have been killed by Police this year (same number w/out fail). Total people shot though ranges from 496-532 (no one can agree on the total number). 

So, more non-Black people have died. Yet each article states that Black men are 7 times more likely to be shot. Are we seeing the fruits of Common Core math here??? Or do they (Liberals) know that educated/indoctrinated Americans are dumb enough to believe them?

Don’t even get me started on the deliberate, intentional treason of open borders.

 All I can say to our newest arrivals-

Welcome to the USSA. 

(The Fed’s need your business/crimes to stay relevant)

#USSA #Dallas #Democrat #BlackLivesMatter #Change #Elites

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