Friday, July 8, 2016

Welcome to the USSA or the Week of Grieving

During the week of celebration for our Freedoms & throwing off the shackles of Tyranny oh so many years ago.... it has become a week of grieving for me.

It has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are the newest 3rd world nation/Banana republic... welcome to the USSA.

Over the most holiest of holidays for America, the FBI negotiated some sort of deal with a criminal.  A criminal that not only fleeced, thereby enriching themselves by hundreds of millions of dollars, off the backs of every taxpayer in America but also one that has gotten people murdered... Benghazi anyone?  Not to mention Somalia, Balkans, New York, as well as many other godforsaken locations.

Then on the day after the holiest of holidays the FBI announces they found criminal activity yet recommend not prosecuting.  Effectively telling us the Elites are above the Law.  As someone said, the Law is for little people.

Then the New York Times & Vanity Fair and other Liberal publications began publishing 'investigative' articles glamorizing prostitution.  But not just any kind of prostitution but that of spoiled, shitforbrains college students/graduates who couldn't afford Armani purses.

These type of articles are more recruitment tools than investigative.  Its how the Left begins to normalize whatever it is they want to have normalized.  In this case, apparently, the Elites need more of our children for sex therefore the start of normalizing prostitution, effectively enticing innocents into their predatory, sexual web to satisfy their sickness. 

Soon women (and men) can negotiate their bodies for whatever they desire.  Purses, dresses, cars, rent, food.  HEY! This will be the fun, new way to get a raise at work, get out of a speeding ticket, entrance to Disney World… the possibilities are exciting & boundless!  Sex is true freedom!  Not.

And to end this sickening week that has filled our nostrils with the stench of social utopia, we are greeted with the icing on the cake, the final and most pure of Leftists gifts, murder of good people.

Further compounded by our Dickhead-In-Chief politicizing their deaths.  

This is not about violence nor guns... its about the people who create Racial
tension in order to 'Change' America. Just like we have to name Islamic terrorism when it happens, we need to name the Democrats for their decades of teaching racial tension... we are witnessing the fruits of their labors.  Until we can name those that are at fault we will continue to run around in circles & die.  

Btw- an election cannot/will not fix this. We need Constitutional Evangelists (something I had hoped that the Tea Party would be rather than schill's for the Republican party).

Side note ---

Riddle me this... every article I've googled on police shootings (mostly Liberal) state that 136 Blacks have been killed by Police this year (same number w/out fail). Total people shot though ranges from 496-532 (no one can agree on the total number). 

So, more non-Black people have died. Yet each article states that Black men are 7 times more likely to be shot. Are we seeing the fruits of Common Core math here??? Or do they (Liberals) know that educated/indoctrinated Americans are dumb enough to believe them?

Don’t even get me started on the deliberate, intentional treason of open borders.

 All I can say to our newest arrivals-

Welcome to the USSA. 

(The Fed’s need your business/crimes to stay relevant)

#USSA #Dallas #Democrat #BlackLivesMatter #Change #Elites

Monday, December 14, 2015

Tis the Season... so I thought I'd do a good deed for a friend of mine.

Check out this page where his Art is showcased on Fine Art America-

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Merry Christmas to all!

Friday, December 11, 2015

A letter to Sacha Harland und Alexander Spoor (Dit is normaal)

Hmm, I wonder why those that you interviewed, especially those that went to Christian schools, did not recognize any of those statements you read to them to have come from the Bible.

Hmm... I wonder... why?

Because its not taught!  Thats why.  Why not taught?  Because its not a part of Christianity.  But you knew that already.

However it is taught in radical Islam- today.  And practiced -today.

There is a good reason why they brag that there are no Atheists or Gays in their respective countries.  Think about that one egg heads when you're in at the front of the line.

Only a simpleton blinded by hatred would think anything you brought up is a part of Christianity.

Whats funny is, they hate you more than they might hate me.  I know since I have Arabs in my family (in Europe).  And no, I am not Arabic nor Muslim.  Despite that, they like and respect me.  I've had a few feasts in my honor, quite impressive in their generosity.  They are a proud & fierce people.  I like that.  Unlike the curdled milk-toast that you are and represent.

But I digress...

Christians will have disagreements with you but  radical Muslims (current estimates are that there are 60-240 million of them) will actually behead you.

You, like radical Islam, live in the past.  They talk about what happened 500-1000 years ago as do you.

You've been very well brain-washed into thinking that your Humanistic ideology, the same that created Gulags & Concentration camps & Re-education centers), is the savior of this Earth.  

Yet your belief system has brought nothing but misery, famine, death, & war.  All within the last 100 years to present day.

I was watching your faces.  Hatred & condescension were painted across them.

This gives us insight to how desperate & impoverished your belief system is... since you can only denigrate others with lies.  Constant lying.  But only about your centuries old enemy, God.

Sure, its in the Bible, but you know full well its not a Christian belief or practice.

Nice propaganda piece for your fellow Atheists & Gays but it won't work on Muslim's.

Ass-kissing is not a favorite of theirs, it will put in you in the front of the line as well.  

However, your video might show radical Muslims how much more Christians & Jews have in common with them... now that would be funny.

Note- for people who are not used to reading above an elementary school level, that last bit was sarcastic.. or was it???

Friday, December 4, 2015

America- repeating history.

Not about politics.  Not about Republican or Democrat.  Its about being Human & being Free.

So Obama steps on stage and proclaims from on high-

ISIS is the J.V. squad- then they take over virtually 2 countries & soon Europe.

ISIS is contained - later that day... how many dead in Paris?

Refugee's not a problem due to screening - later that day... how many dead in San Bernardino?

Terrorists just need education & jobs - a month later... very educated & employed murdered how many in San Bernardino?

Every time Obama opens his mouth, usually the same day he's contradicted with bullets, not words.

Please keep your mouth shut Mr. President!  Or give them something they understand... bullets.

Instead you threaten anyone who questions your theological authority & pontifications on Islam.

You threaten to disarm law abiding people since you need more victims.

You import more to increase the chances of better massacres.

You lash out at White Christians, well basically for everything.

You create the problems & then swoop in to say you're the only one that can fix what is broken.

Wish you were as passionate about saving American lives as you are about ridding America of Christianity.

But then again, you're goal has always been "Change".  Can we really afford to wait for another election???  But I digress...

Why isn't this Treason?  And why don't we have mechanisms in place to stop Treason?  Oh thats right, the military is supposed to protect us from enemies within as well as foreign.  So where are they?

Guess the assimilated, peaceful people (White Christians) are about to experience what the assimilated, peaceful people (Jews) of Germany experienced not too long ago since we are the ones that stand in the way of the Socialist schemers & psychopaths, past & present, with their twisted, cancerous dreams of heaven on earth.

On a side note- the Socialists (Atheists actually) may celebrate the beheadings of Christians in the Middle East but what they can't see through their hatred is that its only because they can't find any Gays or Atheists to behead since they murdered them long ago.  Last, sickening, laugh will be on the Atheists because they'll be first in line for the chopping block.

Stupid, stupid world.  Made by Atheists.

Friday, November 6, 2015

More tales from a Mad, Mad World

Liberals & Science don't mix well if at all.  Like Oil & Water.  I can just hear Liberals now, "its not nice to mix oil in water, it hurts the environment!".  *sigh*

Case in point.  Remember when our embarrassing President was in Alaska worried about the environment cause he's seeing snow melt in summer?  Maybe someone should send him a copy of 'Frozen'.  Then again, for Liberals, that film is probably classified as a Horror flick or worse, a scientific documentary.

Yet even worse, is how they defend Abortion with 1970's science.  I remember when they'd hold up x-ray's and say 'see?  its just a blob'.  No big deal.

With 2015 science, we know much better what that blob actually is, does that change anything?  Of course not, truth is inconvenient to these fanatics & their religion of death.

However, if they learned those blobs became MacBook Pro's... Abortion would be banned so fast you'd swear a tornado just swept through.

Changing subjects, sort of... the other day I had a MBA quote Marx to me.  Really?

Did Marx have a successful business that you, Mr. MBA, were required to study?  A previously undiscovered one that we non-MBA's have never heard of???  Is that why you studied Marx in MBA school?  Hmm?

In the previous paragraph I stated that I was changing subjects ' sort of ' since both subjects, Science & Business, have the same cancer in their belly which is a ghoulish mix of Atheism & Marxism.

This compost of Atheism & Marxism is the rot within, the cancer of our World.

That which was to save has brought nothing but death & abject misery to the World on a scale beyond anything that they accused their enemies of- Christians.

The more this abnormal condition spreads,  the ' Madder ' this world becomes... in all respects of the word ' Mad '.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

And the Sheeple say - baahhh!

Daylight Savings just ended & everyone just let out a huge sigh of relieve.

This evil social engineering experiment has gone on for far too long!  How many more people must die, marriages destroyed, people turned into sleep walking zombies, children wetting their beds (we're potty training right now :-) does it take before we end this deliberately orchestrated manipulation of our health & well being???

Do we really need to be able to play basketball at 10pm in broad daylight?  The sleep disruption in the Summertime is just mean, plain mean-spirited nonsense from our overlords.  Definitely doesn't reward those who go to bed at a decent time to wake up and goto work... also known as being productive, adding value to society.  Late sunsets cause adult sleep disruption, disturbs children's sleep habits as well, we run our air conditioners longer, etc.  Lets just keep rewarding the unproductive, shall we?

Germany is stupid.  It definitely hates its citizens.  Definitely nothing Naziesque about the German government telling their people they have to be invaded.  Oh, and change their religion & the way they dress & what they eat & what they drink.

Can you imagine coming home, finding a bunch of people on your front lawn and the police telling you that you have to make room for all these people.  Oh, and you have to change your furniture not to mention the way you live since the real point is not to assimilate these invaders as it is to crash your home (way of living) and replace it with their failed ideas & policies.

Then, as the government is acting the part of the Nazi, if you resist, they accuse you of being one.

How convenient is it to confuse what happened in 1933 to a peaceful, assimilated people to today's invaders that have no desire to assimilate, ever!  They even say their goal to to transform.  

If you like endless war & slavery, then you'll love their way of life.

Our overlords are quite daft if they think the same social engineering tricks are going to work on the invaders as it seems to be working on their own sheeple.

Germany is stupid.  Utter suicide... oh wait, same goes for America, my current home.

Which leads me to the stupidity of the Republicans.  While they are playing a board game called Politics, the Socialists are fighting a war.

This next election will not matter due to the real issues, which have been rotting this Nation from the inside, that have not been addressed.

If you told the mentally ill supporters of Abortion that MacBook Pro's were going to pop out of the nether regions of humanoid females... Abortion would be banned so fast you'd get a wind burn!

Next time they defend this barbarous/pagan act, tell them to take a long look at their own children, since they -the children- wouldn't be here if they had practiced their right to choose!

Better yet tell the defenders how great the world would be if they had been aborted... then listen to the howls of indignation!  They only care for themselves.

How offensive is that btw, the only choice the unborn has is to die and be ripped apart for parts... murdering the few to benefit the many.  Not Naziesque at all? Hmm???

Lastly, a bit of tongue in cheek, School buses are evil.  They create tremendous traffic & pollution, they are natural resource hogs, they waste a lot of time.  Not to mention how antiquated of a practice with all the available technology we have today.

School buses, like so many government programs, just keep slowing us down and keeping us from being as productive as we could be... hmm, just like Daylight savings!

And the Sheeple say- baahhhh.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Its not the Economy stupid! (updated)

Yet another wasted Q/A session for the Republicans tonight.

Its not about the Economy stupid!

The Economy doesn't matter to most, if not the vast majority of, Americans since, who cares about something that doesn't care about them?

No matter how many jobs are created, most will not be filled by Americans.

Why would they be?  On low end there are illegal aliens that will work literally for a dollar a day & on the the upper levels we have H1B's willing to work for a bit more of a dollar a day.

Americans have no chance to compete with either group.

And Business could care less.

Tonight we'll hear all about incentivizing Business with tax cuts & more corporate welfare but nothing about them hiring Americans.

Yes, there will be jobs... just not for us.

On the low end the argument for hiring illegals is that they will do the jobs that Americans won't do.  Interestingly, thats the same argument that Slave owners used before the Civil war.

Sure, American's are not willing to pick berries for $.50/bushel or clean toilets for $5/hr.  Why?  They can't afford it.  If Businesses were paying well & with benefits there would be plenty of American's doing these types of work.  But Business keeps wages low with illegals & then blames Americans.

On the upper middle positions, the complaint/untruth that Business likes to tell is that there aren't enough Americans that have the skills needed to do these jobs.

Baloney!  Business just doesn't want to pay an American wage scale.  If this was indeed a problem then it could be solved quite easily.  Apprenticeship programs.  I guarantee you these programs would produce better workers while fostering loyalty and goodwill among those trained.  Its not Brain surgery!  Oh wait, learning Brain surgery is a type of Apprenticeship program.   These programs would be more useful than any college (un)education (don't get me started about the pathetic state of (non)education in this country today --- why in the world do you need a bloated 4 year degree to fill out spreadsheets?  Or code? Or just about everything???  But I digress.... see my previous post on this).

So Republicans, you can talk til you're blue (pun?) in the face about Business, I still won't care.

Neither will 90 million others.

PS- don't know how I missed this but just found out Walt Disney fired hundreds of their IT staff but not before letting them train their H1B replacements.

Thank you Walt Disney for proving my views to be true.  Business abusing American's & that Apprenticeship programs work!

PSPS- I loved the debate last night.  More later.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Do as I say, not as I do.

“The biggest problems that we’re facing right now have to do with George Bush trying to bring more and more power into the executive branch and not go through Congress at all. And that’s what I intend to reverse when I’m president of the United States of America.” ~ Presidential candidate Barack Obama, 2008

The cartoon & the quote could fill a book of with the agenda of the Socialists for America.

So, I'll make a simple point.  You can always tell what a Socialist will do by what they accuse their enemies of doing.  Socialists lie about their enemies... while their lies illuminate their own intentions.

Remember this & you'll know exactly what is about to happen...  every time.

Don't get me started on how Socialists have broken a Capitalistic system, then claim Capitalism is broken & can only be fixed by them!  Blog for another time.  This could also be said of our (un)Education system... along with confusing indoctrination for education & how the college degreed are sinking this country.  But I digress...

Lastly, why do Western governments hate their own citizens so much?  (see cartoon)  Another blog for another time I guess.  

... and how American Big business collaborates with our citizen hating government to keep American's from working.  (also known as Fascism, not the hating part, thats a different kind, but the collaboration part)  But I digress... 


Friday, October 2, 2015

Teach hatred of Christians... what do you expect???

What do you expect when you have a country that teaches outright hatred for Christianity?

We've seen how the burning hatred for Christianity has manifested itself in our, nothing short of, idiotic foreign policy & intelligence failures.  How it blinds our State Dept. & Intelligence communities...  not knowing how to do basic, simple things like make friends & keep them to actually raining death onto our now past allies.

We've seen it everyday in our domestic/political life, with leaders who have a strangely brilliant inability to grasp simple problems let alone solutions for those problems.  Then again... when you see how they keep rejecting Judeo-Christian values it no longer has that strange stench.  Just brilliant inability wrapped in a suit decorated with faces of indignation and care.

How spoiled & stupid are our leaders (supported by our dumbMass media) to say that this is about fame or celebrity when its just plain hatred.  Are they intentionally misleading us or are they that spoiled & stupid.  The awful Truth is that they are blind to human nature due to their refusal to consider anything or everything from a Judeo-Christian viewpoint.

So now we have to ask - why the hatred for Christians?  Why has America come to this point in history where it outright rejects everything it was built upon & is stomping it out of existence with the same lustful zeal of ISIS?

My contention is that its the perfect storm of Atheism, Marxism, & Science (which has been hijacked by Atheists & Marxists).

A perfect storm that has become nothing short of a rabid, hate infested religion that preaches a dogma of fanatic adherence & doles out punishment that makes a medieval pope look like an amateur.

Yet the Atheist's are not the entirety of the problem.  That they have been allowed to teach their hate & flourish is due to the vacuum that the Christian church has created in this country.  A vacuum of not providing a defense for the time tested, and mightily successful, tenets that propelled our Founding Fathers to create such a country as we used to have & were supposed to cherish & defend.  And defend not for ourselves but to give the World a choice.

Until Christians give people something better to believe in... the people will believe in everything else.  Note- I'm not advocating conversion but the general principles of the Judeo-Christian tradition that we can all believe in... like the Founding Fathers had to with all their diverse belief systems.

Unfortunately the Church as been divided.  On purpose, by wolves in sheep's clothing.  Where we now have many who confuse Jesus Christ with Marx.  But that is a subject for another day.

Until Christians re-learn how to Witness, it will only get worse.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sane Foreign policy suggestion

Day one on the job as President of the United States of America, I would put every country on notice that in one year they will lose all aid from us but will be given a chance to regain it by earning it. And it will have to be earned on a yearly basis thereafter.

The following countries will be granted an exception - Poland, Israel, Egypt, Japan, Czech Republic, & Hungary.  I would include S. Korea but I'd like to see them clean up some animal abuse issues first.

The reason?  They demonstrate on a regular basis their commitment to Freedom.
America finances too many countries that not only show no value for Freedom in their political or social systems but also openly espouse their hatred for America and it's values.

I would require every other country to come to America and plead their case. On a yearly basis they must outline their plans to further values that are in line with America in their respective countries.  If they do so, then they will be granted aid for one year.  

I would limit the number of countries that will get aid every year as well.

The consequences of this type of policy will be a huge positive for us & for our neighbors on a monetary as well as a humanitarian level.

Of course I would then create a similar policy for businesses, non-profits, and other organizations inside America.  But thats a post for another day.

Its time to stop the plunder of America.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tonights CNN debate is going to be another farce. (now with post commentary)

All reports suggest that CNN is only interested in creating a fight amongst the candidates which won't be much of a problem since most of the candidates have no clue as to why they are such losers.

The sad fact is that while Trump is far from perfect, many will sell their souls just to get rid of the invaders.

The sad fact is that most Republicans do not realize that the real issues at stake in this race are not political solutions.

Here's a clue, American's want to be American's again.  They want their way of life resurrected.  They want to have their way of life defended.  They want someone that can point out the corrupt ideas & practices of the Left and shine a light on the doctrines that truly set men free. Counter bad, perverted ideas vomited by Marx with real ideas that are based upon Judeo-Christian values that made a great nation, great.   Values that bring honor & purpose & dignity to the Human being.  Not the starvation, disease, & lead poisoning that their psychotic god of rape & plunder taught them.

I've heard glimmers of Freedom being defended & explained by Ben Carson & Carly Fiorina.  They get it.  They know this is a war of ideas.  But will they be able to stick to the real issues or be dragged down into the sewers made by the dumbMass media?  The same media that makes its money off our misery therefore wanting to keep the status quo if not enhance it.  A status quo of division (cloaked in phony robes of inclusiveness) & hatred (while wearing the mantle of love but only for non-Christians).

I don't have much hope that Reason will win the day in the lunatic asylum that America has become.  I hope to be proven wrong!

Above are my thoughts about the debate... here are my thoughts after the debate:

Pleasantly surprised.  It actually sounded like a debate.

CNN just schooled Fox News on how to have a debate.  Remember- 35% of the time at the last debate was used up by preening Fox News peacocks!

My initial thoughts are that Trump did much better than I expected.  And it looks like he's risen even further in the polls since.

Truthfully, I really don't think any of them stood out.

I still have hope for Carson or Fiorina or even Cruz.  But if it comes down to it I'll vote for Trump.

Why?  Because I don't believe the politicians in the group will be able to change anything.  They've been ineffectual so far and will continue to attack problems in a political way.  I.e., an ever losing proposition.  Also, don't care if these Governor's have been successful in their respective States... the royal courts of DC are a special kind of stupid.

Why?  Although I like what I hear from Carson & Fiorina (they get what the real problem is), I don't think they will have the force of will to accomplish what needs to be done.  I could advise how.  Its obvious their handlers don't know how.  And as for Cruz.  I totally believe he would stick his foot up some rear ends, with no effect.  He's alienated too many politicians on both sides of the aisle.  They would fight anything he proposes out of spite.

Why?  Because the only person I believe would kick true butt is Trump.  And there will need to be a boatload of kicking to be done for whoever gets into the White House.  And, what needs to be done will be much easier for an outsider.

Side note- another reason I don't have hope for any of the other candidates is that they (and Fox News porn) don't get why Trump is so popular.  If only one of them took a stand like he did or does, they'd rocket past him.  But, since they are trained politicians, it will never happen.  With the exceptions of Carson & Fiorina of course.  Whats blocking them from taking over Trump is lack of ego, also known as force of will.

Long ways to go.  Again, pleasantly surprised by the glimmers of a debate last night.  Further fuels my hatred of news porn as glamorized by Fox.  But I digress...

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Jeb you're about to be Newt'ered!

Listening to the radio this morning and heard that Bush is going to go after Trump & his policies.

Jeb... you're about to be Newt'ered!!!

I watched this happen to Newt Gingrich.  How the professional political career consultants torpedo'ed a winning strategy for Newt by talking him into making an about face and attack Romney.  It sunk his campaign.  We lost a great person who would have made a tremendous President while the consultants just moved on to other jobs.

Now these same hacks are advising Jeb to do the same thing.  Jeb will be sunk & the hacks will move on to other jobs.  Republicans will lose again.  Not that I'm a Jeb fan mind you.  I'd rather he lost based upon his wimpy idea's than from bad, paid for, advice.

The hacks have become our modern day version of yesteryears European royal courtesans & courtiers.  Another example would be China's Eunuchs.  They are as much to blame for the state of our country as are the politicians (todays royalty).

I don't think they're powerful enough (yet) to overcome a personality like Trumps, which is why I'm leaning even more his way.

I had high hopes.. well, kinda still do.. for Ben Carson and/or Carly Fiorina - be careful who you hire!!!!!!!

Lets hope they don't get Newt'ered too.

Monday, August 24, 2015

How the GOP & Fox News are turning me into a Trumper

The more the GOP & Fox News tell me I'm stupid (derogatory on their part at best) or simply being entertained (beyond condescending on their part) for listening to Trump, the more I start to lean towards Trump.

Its getting to the point where I can't watch Fox News anymore.  They are as out of touch as their rivals.... or maybe they are finally showing their true colors.  Evidence that fiasco of a 'debate', nothing but a question/answer session with preening peacocks for moderators who used up a third of the time on themselves.  But I digress...

I've complained about Fox News analysis in the past.  Case in point, the revolution in Egypt which was hailed as an Arab spring (I knew better) by Fox pontificators and then compared it to the Berlin Wall coming down (blew a couple of blood vessels on that one).   I could use more examples but I'm going to jump straight to their bewildered & befuddled coverage of Trump.

Again, they've called those that listen to Trump everything from being outright stupid to us just wanting to be entertained.  Why?  Because either they are:

> Not smart enough to figure it out
> Working for a GOP that has turned its back on Americans
> Completely out of touch
> Secretly wants to keep illegals in America for ratings

Pick one or all.  Doesn't matter.  Fox's coverage is turning me into a Trumper.

Better yet, Fox will never understand either.

Special shout out to Dana Perino who is a special kind of RINO or attack schnauzer for phony human rights!   What a snarly miniature pit bull she was the other night on O'Reilly... practically spitting venom through her eyes at poor Water's World boy.  But then again, holier than thou types have that type of behavior down pat.  

Fox (and GOP) you're losing me.  Not even Fair & Balanced anymore.  Just a bunch of hormonal opinions.  Getting closer to Trump every day because of you.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Fox News Debate Farce

Guess I'm the only one that thought ‪#‎FoxNews‬ stunk it up last night with more than a few 'gotcha' questions that had nothing to do with the sad state of affairs in America today.

It wasn't just the many 'gotcha' questions but also how full of themselves the moderators were.  Ironically, just read another article a few minutes ago timing the moderators at 32% of the talking time.

Way to go for being more like ‪#‎CNN‬ everyday!  Even before I knew CNN was praising the performance of the debate, I congratulated Fox News on how CNN-like they had become.  More irony.

The first debate was masterfully done compared to the main event since we actually got more out of the candidates, who they were and their positions without the snark.  And those that know how much I hate Bill Hemmer will know how hard it is for me to admit this.  It too was not a debate but at least it had useful information.

The main event was a farce.  It was about the moderators showing off how they could, or tried to, trip up the candidates on issues that make no difference whatsoever as to the sad state of affairs in this country... well, except for Abortion.  But even when that subject was touched it wasn't expounded upon as to not only what a barbaric, nazi-esque practice it is.... also how it destroys the soul of the country.  I take that back, Huckabee did a wonderful job on it and actually had an impressive answer to it.  Since I've always believed Abortion (and our Education system) are Human Rights violations, he nailed it.  Makes me re-think Huckabee.

Despite the inane questions, there were a few standouts.  Like I mentioned, Huckabee impressed me but so did Carson & Cruz.

Another standout comes from the first (non)debate- Carly Fiorina.  Impressive.

I was expecting a lot more out of Trump & Kasich, with bad questions what do you expect.  But then again, its the opportunity to overturn the tables on the bloviating moderators.  The rest aren't even worth a mention.

Hannity's interviews afterwards gave us more than the actual 'debate'.

Despite some impressive performances, especially by Fiorina & Carson, the (non)debate screamed 2012 all over again!

Fiorina & Carson were the most impressive of the group though.

They get it.  This election is not about jobs or material wealth.  Its about why our way of thinking is better than theirs.  Both candidates spent quite a bit of time speaking as to how our current thinking is destroying us & what we need to believe in to be great again.

What we believe is what is going to save or sink us.  I think they get that.

One more thing I would say is that people are looking for something to believe in not their next job.

The America of Today is not worth believing in but the America of the Past (sans its mistakes) was worth believing in & defending.  Seeing an American flag fluttering in the wind used to bring a tear to my eye.  Corny but true.

Hopefully their political handlers don't throw these candidates off course like they did Newt Gingrich.

America is an idea, not a place.

Then again, I think the next election is pointless (unless the arguments change just like Carson & Fiorina have done)... but more on that later.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

UPS to cut spouses from their Health care benefits
My wife's company sent out a letter a month ago telling their employee's the same thing.

No wonder business hasn't been screaming about the new law, their profits are going to soar.

Another nasty little secret is... that these spouses won't be eligible for the unAffordable Healthcare act due to their spouse's income. So, they will be paying the $2500 tax even though its not their fault for having been kicked and then not qualifying cause they choose to stay married.

If you liked the Hunger Games, then perfect cause we're getting there ourselves thanks to the Fascist policies of the the Democrats, the insanely incompetent Republicans, and people who still have jobs (since they pay the taxes that enable all of this and in the future the tax of having a spouse w/o heath insurance).
 The only way this is going to change, unless you really liked the Hunger Games, is to begin protesting.  Protesting through peaceful means is still possible in this country.  We can protest through voting, of course, but also by other means.  If everyone agree to sit out of work for a week, that would be a great beginning.  It would be like Gandhi's protests in India (although some of those were violent, thats not what I'm advocating).  Unless we the people stand up, then the only solution is moving out of America or helping States seceed.
 People may think me radical at this time but just wait for 2015.  Then we'll see some wailing and gnashing of teeth (careful, cause you won't have a dental plan either).

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rand Paul supports this Endless War

I wrote Sen. Rand Paul a week ago expressing my dismay as to his uninformed and/or convoluted thoughts on Egypt.

I am unable to publish my original email since it was a web form that is used instead of a regular email contact.

Below is his (ok,  a staffers or even a canned) response:

August 19, 2013

Dear Mr. (I deleted my name from this),

Thank you for taking the time to contact me regarding foreign aid from the United States.  I appreciate hearing your thoughts on this issue.
One of the most significant issues facing our country is the foreign policy of the United States and how we interact with our neighbors around the globe.  The United States and its citizens are some of the most generous individuals in the world.  With the strength of our Armed Forces, we are blessed to have the ability to quickly respond to tragedies of both natural and man-made disasters.  
The United States is good at promoting freedom, encouraging trade and supportive of those willing to participate in peace and benefit from its prosperity.  Unfortunately, a majority of the foreign aid is not given to other countries in response to emergencies.  Most countries that receive U.S. aid receive economic and military assistance rather than humanitarian aid.  Despite billions of dollars spent in attempts to assist countries and help them prosper, economic and military aid has had questionable effects.  
Aid that should be focused toward investment and growth is typically funneled into consumption.  Instead of reaching the people who need it, foreign aid has increased the size of foreign governments or used to line the pockets of corrupt leaders.  When it comes to military aid, countries like Egypt, Pakistan, Syria and Libya have used the weapons we have provided against their own people, and for other purposes that are against the interests of the United States.
Foreign aid should not be used to pressure nations into doing our will, but aid certainly should not be given to governments that actively work against and undermine the United States.  I have introduced many pieces of legislation and amendments to reduce military aid to specific nations, in response to their actions against the United States.  
In addition to the problematic effects our aid has created, our country is facing a considerable national debt problem.  We have seen countries and currencies fall under their unsustainable debt.  We cannot continue to borrow money from other nations in order to give funds to other countries.  We need to get our own fiscal house in order to prevent ourselves from becoming a nation similar to the ones in need of our assistance.  

Thank you again for taking the time to share your thoughts with me.  It is an absolute honor to represent the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the United States Senate.  Feel free to contact me again regarding any other federal issue. 

Rand Paul, MD
United States Senator

My response:

Thank you for your response but it made me sad for America yet again.

That you lump Egypt in with those other corrupt regimes is amazing.

The military in Egypt is using weapons not against its own people but against a terrorist organization that has invaded Egypt and wants to snuff out all opposition.

So unlike America, who does not play this deadly serious game to win.  Thereby creating an Endless War.

I could go on, you will never understand though.  Thats why America has lost influence, not totally due to the ridiculously childish foreign policies of the democrats but because you're very insulated in your thinking and will never understand anyone other than yourself.  Unfortunately, it seems our Intelligence agencies are just like you.  This is why they have to turn to Big Data since they cannot understand people.  But I digress.

Lastly, that you use the excuse, that taxpayers in America deserve better than having their money be used to stop the murder of Christians is astonishing & shocking to say the least.

Egypt is doing what America should have been doing all along.
But then again, America no longer cares for Christians.  So you would be right in thinking that Egypt is undermining America's interests.  Now I get it.

I want peace... not this Endless War and definitely not being forcibly converted to the religion of (un)peace.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ann Coulter Syndrome

I used to get very upset with Ann Coulter when she first appeared on news shows.  She was not very good at answering questions.  She would be asked a question then take a few seconds (which seemed like an eternity) before she could gather her thoughts and come up with an answer.

What I realized was that she wasn't stumbling but that there was so much information that had to be given in order to lay the groundwork to properly answer the question, that it temporarily stumped her on where to begin with her answer.

I think that the Republicans as well as Conservatives & Libertarians have the same problem when it comes to their message & the execution of an agenda.

The unfortunate reality in America is that the uneducated (mostly those with degrees) & amoral vastly outnumber those who make an effort to understand the Founding Fathers & choose to live by a set of rules set forth by them.

These RCL's (republican, conservative, libertarian) don't realize this fact.

They continue as if its business as usual in the world of politics which means they think all they have to do is present their message and the uneducated/amoral will have an 'ah hah' moment.

Never going to happen to those that don't care (in this case the amoral) or those who think they are educated since they know everything Marx thought of (our now) dead system.  I was horrified the other day to watch a commentator speak about Lincoln while quoting Marx.  The fair & balanced news channel never questioned these lofty pontifications of a mad man (university educated) about a truly great man (who had no experience or anywhere near the education of that frothing, unhygienic lunatic).

Which brings me to an interesting side note... they quote Marx yet use the tactics, methods, and...

Quick side notes here:

How does Bill Hemmer still have a job???  He literally interviews himself while the guests sit by and watch.

I have never seen so many hair removal commercials in my life as I see when watching the BBC.

Sen. Mike Lee just gave a great speech... but like I tell my two year olds- 'now do it'.

Which brings me back to where I left off...

...philosophies of Hitler.  His forced collusion of business, his take over of the education system, the blatant propagandizing through film, the use of Race are all the foundations of today's Democratic party.  How proud yet horrified he would be if he knew that his ideas out lasted him and were being used in such an effective manner.  They quote Marx yet practice Hitler.

No one in this country is educated enough to have made that connection.

No one in this country has the knowledge or experience needed to counter it.

Some, very few, in this country might have the knowledge but are unable to attract anyone that is not predisposed to their way of thinking.

This is what I call the Ann Coulter Syndrome.  But there is a second part to it.

Phoney RCL's.  She 'outed' herself as a phoney C when she started doing impressions of Monica Lewinsky for Chris Christie.  She destroyed every true C while championing a RINO.  To be fair, as most people that are like her, they are horribly snobby.  This snobbiness blinds them while hurting everyone around them.  Can you just imagine what she would have written about Lincoln if he had been in the race???  She is a phoney snob that has done everything to hurt C's in this country.  Then again, the R establishment all come from her 'neck' of the woods which explains why they act the way that they do while taking down a great country.  Snobs- pure and simple.  Yet fantastic helper monkeys for the Lunatic Left.

The Ann Coulter Syndrome has weakened & divided the RCL's while opening a obstacle free course for the Marx quoting, Hitler action planning American brand of Liberals who joyously stomp out every aspect of the Republic of America & Capitalism.

They're also gleefully stomping Christians into the ground (literally in some cases) not only here but all over the world.  But I digress, that should be a topic all its own.   As should the observation that Liberals have extraordinary powers of mental illness.

Yet there is hope.  There are two solutions to these all too human (nature) repeating of history.

First... Secession.  Like the Pilgrims of old who knew they could not change a corrupt system, they left to form a new land.  The Founding Fathers did that in a similar form by 'seceding' from England.  These people were realists.  Todays Americans are blinded by comfort to see that they now have a government that does not share their hopes and dreams of Freedom.  And never will.  Individuals bad, Collective good.

Even if Americans choose to stay blinded and be divided so that they fall divided, there is a 'best' & final solution and that is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Until then, everything is a lesser, imperfect solution yet better than the dark, morbid, cynical future that the mentally ill have planned for us.

Not to mention, it is immoral by Biblical standards to stand by and watch while not doing anything (especially if its not affecting you personally, others are lost but hey, at least you're saved, right?).

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Needless death in OK

Look at some pictures of hurricane destruction and you'll find at least a couple of homes that look like they are untouched.

Those are ICF buildings 

ICF buildings are virtually indestructible.  Virtually?  Well yes, since anything can be destroyed given the right conditions or effort.

Note- I do not work in the ICF industry... although, I have helped build a few many years ago.

ICF buildings can withstand fire, earthquake, tornado, hurricane, and even floods.

ICF buildings are also the most quiet and energy efficient buildings to live or work in.

Additionally they are cheaper to build and are built more quickly than other forms of construction.

So why don't builders use ICF construction systems?  Most often heard excuses are they don't understand it (translated as their telling me 'its more expensive') and they don't need to learn anything new... they are doing just fine without changing their 'proven' systems.  I've also heard the excuse that the consumer doesn't want it.

Really?  They don't want to live in a fireproof, tornado proof, quiet, cut their energy bills by 75% home???  Really?

Therefore they keep building these pine boxes and the cycle of needless death continues.

Why doesn't Government or Insurance or even Fire departments champion the use of ICF?  My cynical guess would be that the use of ICF would greatly decrease the need for their services.  I say that with great sadness since it also bodes ill for the future of our country.

There are way too many things in this country that are needless but keep people employed when it shouldn't... but I digress.

Every time I see an apartment burn down or a house get hit with lightening or hurricane/tornado damage... I get angry.   Even angrier when there is needles loss of life.

When is America going to wake up and do the right thing?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011