Wednesday, November 4, 2015

And the Sheeple say - baahhh!

Daylight Savings just ended & everyone just let out a huge sigh of relieve.

This evil social engineering experiment has gone on for far too long!  How many more people must die, marriages destroyed, people turned into sleep walking zombies, children wetting their beds (we're potty training right now :-) does it take before we end this deliberately orchestrated manipulation of our health & well being???

Do we really need to be able to play basketball at 10pm in broad daylight?  The sleep disruption in the Summertime is just mean, plain mean-spirited nonsense from our overlords.  Definitely doesn't reward those who go to bed at a decent time to wake up and goto work... also known as being productive, adding value to society.  Late sunsets cause adult sleep disruption, disturbs children's sleep habits as well, we run our air conditioners longer, etc.  Lets just keep rewarding the unproductive, shall we?

Germany is stupid.  It definitely hates its citizens.  Definitely nothing Naziesque about the German government telling their people they have to be invaded.  Oh, and change their religion & the way they dress & what they eat & what they drink.

Can you imagine coming home, finding a bunch of people on your front lawn and the police telling you that you have to make room for all these people.  Oh, and you have to change your furniture not to mention the way you live since the real point is not to assimilate these invaders as it is to crash your home (way of living) and replace it with their failed ideas & policies.

Then, as the government is acting the part of the Nazi, if you resist, they accuse you of being one.

How convenient is it to confuse what happened in 1933 to a peaceful, assimilated people to today's invaders that have no desire to assimilate, ever!  They even say their goal to to transform.  

If you like endless war & slavery, then you'll love their way of life.

Our overlords are quite daft if they think the same social engineering tricks are going to work on the invaders as it seems to be working on their own sheeple.

Germany is stupid.  Utter suicide... oh wait, same goes for America, my current home.

Which leads me to the stupidity of the Republicans.  While they are playing a board game called Politics, the Socialists are fighting a war.

This next election will not matter due to the real issues, which have been rotting this Nation from the inside, that have not been addressed.

If you told the mentally ill supporters of Abortion that MacBook Pro's were going to pop out of the nether regions of humanoid females... Abortion would be banned so fast you'd get a wind burn!

Next time they defend this barbarous/pagan act, tell them to take a long look at their own children, since they -the children- wouldn't be here if they had practiced their right to choose!

Better yet tell the defenders how great the world would be if they had been aborted... then listen to the howls of indignation!  They only care for themselves.

How offensive is that btw, the only choice the unborn has is to die and be ripped apart for parts... murdering the few to benefit the many.  Not Naziesque at all? Hmm???

Lastly, a bit of tongue in cheek, School buses are evil.  They create tremendous traffic & pollution, they are natural resource hogs, they waste a lot of time.  Not to mention how antiquated of a practice with all the available technology we have today.

School buses, like so many government programs, just keep slowing us down and keeping us from being as productive as we could be... hmm, just like Daylight savings!

And the Sheeple say- baahhhh.

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