Friday, November 6, 2015

More tales from a Mad, Mad World

Liberals & Science don't mix well if at all.  Like Oil & Water.  I can just hear Liberals now, "its not nice to mix oil in water, it hurts the environment!".  *sigh*

Case in point.  Remember when our embarrassing President was in Alaska worried about the environment cause he's seeing snow melt in summer?  Maybe someone should send him a copy of 'Frozen'.  Then again, for Liberals, that film is probably classified as a Horror flick or worse, a scientific documentary.

Yet even worse, is how they defend Abortion with 1970's science.  I remember when they'd hold up x-ray's and say 'see?  its just a blob'.  No big deal.

With 2015 science, we know much better what that blob actually is, does that change anything?  Of course not, truth is inconvenient to these fanatics & their religion of death.

However, if they learned those blobs became MacBook Pro's... Abortion would be banned so fast you'd swear a tornado just swept through.

Changing subjects, sort of... the other day I had a MBA quote Marx to me.  Really?

Did Marx have a successful business that you, Mr. MBA, were required to study?  A previously undiscovered one that we non-MBA's have never heard of???  Is that why you studied Marx in MBA school?  Hmm?

In the previous paragraph I stated that I was changing subjects ' sort of ' since both subjects, Science & Business, have the same cancer in their belly which is a ghoulish mix of Atheism & Marxism.

This compost of Atheism & Marxism is the rot within, the cancer of our World.

That which was to save has brought nothing but death & abject misery to the World on a scale beyond anything that they accused their enemies of- Christians.

The more this abnormal condition spreads,  the ' Madder ' this world becomes... in all respects of the word ' Mad '.

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