Friday, December 4, 2015

America- repeating history.

Not about politics.  Not about Republican or Democrat.  Its about being Human & being Free.

So Obama steps on stage and proclaims from on high-

ISIS is the J.V. squad- then they take over virtually 2 countries & soon Europe.

ISIS is contained - later that day... how many dead in Paris?

Refugee's not a problem due to screening - later that day... how many dead in San Bernardino?

Terrorists just need education & jobs - a month later... very educated & employed murdered how many in San Bernardino?

Every time Obama opens his mouth, usually the same day he's contradicted with bullets, not words.

Please keep your mouth shut Mr. President!  Or give them something they understand... bullets.

Instead you threaten anyone who questions your theological authority & pontifications on Islam.

You threaten to disarm law abiding people since you need more victims.

You import more to increase the chances of better massacres.

You lash out at White Christians, well basically for everything.

You create the problems & then swoop in to say you're the only one that can fix what is broken.

Wish you were as passionate about saving American lives as you are about ridding America of Christianity.

But then again, you're goal has always been "Change".  Can we really afford to wait for another election???  But I digress...

Why isn't this Treason?  And why don't we have mechanisms in place to stop Treason?  Oh thats right, the military is supposed to protect us from enemies within as well as foreign.  So where are they?

Guess the assimilated, peaceful people (White Christians) are about to experience what the assimilated, peaceful people (Jews) of Germany experienced not too long ago since we are the ones that stand in the way of the Socialist schemers & psychopaths, past & present, with their twisted, cancerous dreams of heaven on earth.

On a side note- the Socialists (Atheists actually) may celebrate the beheadings of Christians in the Middle East but what they can't see through their hatred is that its only because they can't find any Gays or Atheists to behead since they murdered them long ago.  Last, sickening, laugh will be on the Atheists because they'll be first in line for the chopping block.

Stupid, stupid world.  Made by Atheists.

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