Friday, December 11, 2015

A letter to Sacha Harland und Alexander Spoor (Dit is normaal)

Hmm, I wonder why those that you interviewed, especially those that went to Christian schools, did not recognize any of those statements you read to them to have come from the Bible.

Hmm... I wonder... why?

Because its not taught!  Thats why.  Why not taught?  Because its not a part of Christianity.  But you knew that already.

However it is taught in radical Islam- today.  And practiced -today.

There is a good reason why they brag that there are no Atheists or Gays in their respective countries.  Think about that one egg heads when you're in at the front of the line.

Only a simpleton blinded by hatred would think anything you brought up is a part of Christianity.

Whats funny is, they hate you more than they might hate me.  I know since I have Arabs in my family (in Europe).  And no, I am not Arabic nor Muslim.  Despite that, they like and respect me.  I've had a few feasts in my honor, quite impressive in their generosity.  They are a proud & fierce people.  I like that.  Unlike the curdled milk-toast that you are and represent.

But I digress...

Christians will have disagreements with you but  radical Muslims (current estimates are that there are 60-240 million of them) will actually behead you.

You, like radical Islam, live in the past.  They talk about what happened 500-1000 years ago as do you.

You've been very well brain-washed into thinking that your Humanistic ideology, the same that created Gulags & Concentration camps & Re-education centers), is the savior of this Earth.  

Yet your belief system has brought nothing but misery, famine, death, & war.  All within the last 100 years to present day.

I was watching your faces.  Hatred & condescension were painted across them.

This gives us insight to how desperate & impoverished your belief system is... since you can only denigrate others with lies.  Constant lying.  But only about your centuries old enemy, God.

Sure, its in the Bible, but you know full well its not a Christian belief or practice.

Nice propaganda piece for your fellow Atheists & Gays but it won't work on Muslim's.

Ass-kissing is not a favorite of theirs, it will put in you in the front of the line as well.  

However, your video might show radical Muslims how much more Christians & Jews have in common with them... now that would be funny.

Note- for people who are not used to reading above an elementary school level, that last bit was sarcastic.. or was it???

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