Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Its not the Economy stupid! (updated)

Yet another wasted Q/A session for the Republicans tonight.

Its not about the Economy stupid!

The Economy doesn't matter to most, if not the vast majority of, Americans since, who cares about something that doesn't care about them?

No matter how many jobs are created, most will not be filled by Americans.

Why would they be?  On low end there are illegal aliens that will work literally for a dollar a day & on the the upper levels we have H1B's willing to work for a bit more of a dollar a day.

Americans have no chance to compete with either group.

And Business could care less.

Tonight we'll hear all about incentivizing Business with tax cuts & more corporate welfare but nothing about them hiring Americans.

Yes, there will be jobs... just not for us.

On the low end the argument for hiring illegals is that they will do the jobs that Americans won't do.  Interestingly, thats the same argument that Slave owners used before the Civil war.

Sure, American's are not willing to pick berries for $.50/bushel or clean toilets for $5/hr.  Why?  They can't afford it.  If Businesses were paying well & with benefits there would be plenty of American's doing these types of work.  But Business keeps wages low with illegals & then blames Americans.

On the upper middle positions, the complaint/untruth that Business likes to tell is that there aren't enough Americans that have the skills needed to do these jobs.

Baloney!  Business just doesn't want to pay an American wage scale.  If this was indeed a problem then it could be solved quite easily.  Apprenticeship programs.  I guarantee you these programs would produce better workers while fostering loyalty and goodwill among those trained.  Its not Brain surgery!  Oh wait, learning Brain surgery is a type of Apprenticeship program.   These programs would be more useful than any college (un)education (don't get me started about the pathetic state of (non)education in this country today --- why in the world do you need a bloated 4 year degree to fill out spreadsheets?  Or code? Or just about everything???  But I digress.... see my previous post on this).

So Republicans, you can talk til you're blue (pun?) in the face about Business, I still won't care.

Neither will 90 million others.

PS- don't know how I missed this but just found out Walt Disney fired hundreds of their IT staff but not before letting them train their H1B replacements.

Thank you Walt Disney for proving my views to be true.  Business abusing American's & that Apprenticeship programs work!

PSPS- I loved the debate last night.  More later.

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