Friday, October 2, 2015

Teach hatred of Christians... what do you expect???

What do you expect when you have a country that teaches outright hatred for Christianity?

We've seen how the burning hatred for Christianity has manifested itself in our, nothing short of, idiotic foreign policy & intelligence failures.  How it blinds our State Dept. & Intelligence communities...  not knowing how to do basic, simple things like make friends & keep them to actually raining death onto our now past allies.

We've seen it everyday in our domestic/political life, with leaders who have a strangely brilliant inability to grasp simple problems let alone solutions for those problems.  Then again... when you see how they keep rejecting Judeo-Christian values it no longer has that strange stench.  Just brilliant inability wrapped in a suit decorated with faces of indignation and care.

How spoiled & stupid are our leaders (supported by our dumbMass media) to say that this is about fame or celebrity when its just plain hatred.  Are they intentionally misleading us or are they that spoiled & stupid.  The awful Truth is that they are blind to human nature due to their refusal to consider anything or everything from a Judeo-Christian viewpoint.

So now we have to ask - why the hatred for Christians?  Why has America come to this point in history where it outright rejects everything it was built upon & is stomping it out of existence with the same lustful zeal of ISIS?

My contention is that its the perfect storm of Atheism, Marxism, & Science (which has been hijacked by Atheists & Marxists).

A perfect storm that has become nothing short of a rabid, hate infested religion that preaches a dogma of fanatic adherence & doles out punishment that makes a medieval pope look like an amateur.

Yet the Atheist's are not the entirety of the problem.  That they have been allowed to teach their hate & flourish is due to the vacuum that the Christian church has created in this country.  A vacuum of not providing a defense for the time tested, and mightily successful, tenets that propelled our Founding Fathers to create such a country as we used to have & were supposed to cherish & defend.  And defend not for ourselves but to give the World a choice.

Until Christians give people something better to believe in... the people will believe in everything else.  Note- I'm not advocating conversion but the general principles of the Judeo-Christian tradition that we can all believe in... like the Founding Fathers had to with all their diverse belief systems.

Unfortunately the Church as been divided.  On purpose, by wolves in sheep's clothing.  Where we now have many who confuse Jesus Christ with Marx.  But that is a subject for another day.

Until Christians re-learn how to Witness, it will only get worse.

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