Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tonights CNN debate is going to be another farce. (now with post commentary)

All reports suggest that CNN is only interested in creating a fight amongst the candidates which won't be much of a problem since most of the candidates have no clue as to why they are such losers.

The sad fact is that while Trump is far from perfect, many will sell their souls just to get rid of the invaders.

The sad fact is that most Republicans do not realize that the real issues at stake in this race are not political solutions.

Here's a clue, American's want to be American's again.  They want their way of life resurrected.  They want to have their way of life defended.  They want someone that can point out the corrupt ideas & practices of the Left and shine a light on the doctrines that truly set men free. Counter bad, perverted ideas vomited by Marx with real ideas that are based upon Judeo-Christian values that made a great nation, great.   Values that bring honor & purpose & dignity to the Human being.  Not the starvation, disease, & lead poisoning that their psychotic god of rape & plunder taught them.

I've heard glimmers of Freedom being defended & explained by Ben Carson & Carly Fiorina.  They get it.  They know this is a war of ideas.  But will they be able to stick to the real issues or be dragged down into the sewers made by the dumbMass media?  The same media that makes its money off our misery therefore wanting to keep the status quo if not enhance it.  A status quo of division (cloaked in phony robes of inclusiveness) & hatred (while wearing the mantle of love but only for non-Christians).

I don't have much hope that Reason will win the day in the lunatic asylum that America has become.  I hope to be proven wrong!

Above are my thoughts about the debate... here are my thoughts after the debate:

Pleasantly surprised.  It actually sounded like a debate.

CNN just schooled Fox News on how to have a debate.  Remember- 35% of the time at the last debate was used up by preening Fox News peacocks!

My initial thoughts are that Trump did much better than I expected.  And it looks like he's risen even further in the polls since.

Truthfully, I really don't think any of them stood out.

I still have hope for Carson or Fiorina or even Cruz.  But if it comes down to it I'll vote for Trump.

Why?  Because I don't believe the politicians in the group will be able to change anything.  They've been ineffectual so far and will continue to attack problems in a political way.  I.e., an ever losing proposition.  Also, don't care if these Governor's have been successful in their respective States... the royal courts of DC are a special kind of stupid.

Why?  Although I like what I hear from Carson & Fiorina (they get what the real problem is), I don't think they will have the force of will to accomplish what needs to be done.  I could advise how.  Its obvious their handlers don't know how.  And as for Cruz.  I totally believe he would stick his foot up some rear ends, with no effect.  He's alienated too many politicians on both sides of the aisle.  They would fight anything he proposes out of spite.

Why?  Because the only person I believe would kick true butt is Trump.  And there will need to be a boatload of kicking to be done for whoever gets into the White House.  And, what needs to be done will be much easier for an outsider.

Side note- another reason I don't have hope for any of the other candidates is that they (and Fox News porn) don't get why Trump is so popular.  If only one of them took a stand like he did or does, they'd rocket past him.  But, since they are trained politicians, it will never happen.  With the exceptions of Carson & Fiorina of course.  Whats blocking them from taking over Trump is lack of ego, also known as force of will.

Long ways to go.  Again, pleasantly surprised by the glimmers of a debate last night.  Further fuels my hatred of news porn as glamorized by Fox.  But I digress...

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