Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Jeb you're about to be Newt'ered!

Listening to the radio this morning and heard that Bush is going to go after Trump & his policies.

Jeb... you're about to be Newt'ered!!!

I watched this happen to Newt Gingrich.  How the professional political career consultants torpedo'ed a winning strategy for Newt by talking him into making an about face and attack Romney.  It sunk his campaign.  We lost a great person who would have made a tremendous President while the consultants just moved on to other jobs.

Now these same hacks are advising Jeb to do the same thing.  Jeb will be sunk & the hacks will move on to other jobs.  Republicans will lose again.  Not that I'm a Jeb fan mind you.  I'd rather he lost based upon his wimpy idea's than from bad, paid for, advice.

The hacks have become our modern day version of yesteryears European royal courtesans & courtiers.  Another example would be China's Eunuchs.  They are as much to blame for the state of our country as are the politicians (todays royalty).

I don't think they're powerful enough (yet) to overcome a personality like Trumps, which is why I'm leaning even more his way.

I had high hopes.. well, kinda still do.. for Ben Carson and/or Carly Fiorina - be careful who you hire!!!!!!!

Lets hope they don't get Newt'ered too.

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