Monday, August 24, 2015

How the GOP & Fox News are turning me into a Trumper

The more the GOP & Fox News tell me I'm stupid (derogatory on their part at best) or simply being entertained (beyond condescending on their part) for listening to Trump, the more I start to lean towards Trump.

Its getting to the point where I can't watch Fox News anymore.  They are as out of touch as their rivals.... or maybe they are finally showing their true colors.  Evidence that fiasco of a 'debate', nothing but a question/answer session with preening peacocks for moderators who used up a third of the time on themselves.  But I digress...

I've complained about Fox News analysis in the past.  Case in point, the revolution in Egypt which was hailed as an Arab spring (I knew better) by Fox pontificators and then compared it to the Berlin Wall coming down (blew a couple of blood vessels on that one).   I could use more examples but I'm going to jump straight to their bewildered & befuddled coverage of Trump.

Again, they've called those that listen to Trump everything from being outright stupid to us just wanting to be entertained.  Why?  Because either they are:

> Not smart enough to figure it out
> Working for a GOP that has turned its back on Americans
> Completely out of touch
> Secretly wants to keep illegals in America for ratings

Pick one or all.  Doesn't matter.  Fox's coverage is turning me into a Trumper.

Better yet, Fox will never understand either.

Special shout out to Dana Perino who is a special kind of RINO or attack schnauzer for phony human rights!   What a snarly miniature pit bull she was the other night on O'Reilly... practically spitting venom through her eyes at poor Water's World boy.  But then again, holier than thou types have that type of behavior down pat.  

Fox (and GOP) you're losing me.  Not even Fair & Balanced anymore.  Just a bunch of hormonal opinions.  Getting closer to Trump every day because of you.

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